Gill Gathercole
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Gill Gathercole Murals-Trompe l'oeil- Paint effects-Painted furniture

Gill Gathercole has been working as a mural and decorative artist in Sheffield, South Yorkshire for over fifteen years now. She has a degree in fine art and over twenty five years combined experience as a mural artist, graphic artist and fine artist. The murals she paints vary from a roman landscape to a child's fairy story. They can cover a full room, encircling all four walls, or be a small corner piece. Some clients are interested in a piece of decorative art rather than a full scale mural, this could take the form of a theme from nature or perhaps a bold modern motif, or wherever your imagination takes you. All these ideas can be applied to furniture; wardrobes, cupboards, tables etc, infact most surfaces can be painted on. Gill is also experienced in paint effects; colour washing, marbling, wood graining, which can be used on their own or to compliment a mural or decorative piece. She likes to work closely with client's ideas, taking time to get clear exactly what is in a customers minds eye.

If a customer is unsure what they want she has plenty of reference material to spark off ideas.

Gill is happy to visit you for a free consultation to view her portfolio and to discuss any ideas you may have. She believes decorative art to be an underused element in interiors and hopes to bring the originality and delight to a broader audience.

Gill divides her time between her mural business and creating her own oil paintings, to view these please visit her art website.